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Dr. Devamalar Selvi Naicker Subramaniam

Dr. Devamalar Selvi Naicker Subramaniam


Dr. Devamalar Selvi Naicker is a Sports Physician and Head of the Sports Medicine Unit, Department of Orthopedics at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. She has worked in the Ministry of Health for 19 years of which the last 10 years is in her current position. She has also recently been appointed as the Head of Sports Medicine Service for Selangor State.

Her areas of interest include Exercise Prescription for obesity and chronic disease as well as use of dry needling in the management of chronic myofascial pain. She runs the Sports Medicine Clinic as well as the Exercise Prescription Clinic which caters for both adult and paediatric patients with obesity and chronic disease.

She has been an invited speaker for numerous seminars and conferences at state, national and regional levels. She has also presented at many health talks and workshops especially related to Diabetes. She also has been an invited panel speaker at numerous forums, both for the public as well as health professionals on health and diabetes related topics organized by Ministry of Health as well as other organizations.

Her other activities include being a supervisor as well as examiner for the Master’s in Sports Medicine in University Malaya. She is also a committee member for her Hospital Staff weight reduction program. The Sports Medicine Unit also actively participates in the activities that are conducted by the other departments in conjunction with World Diabetes Day, World Kidney Day etc. She has also organized multiple seminars related to Sports Medicine at local and state level and is a member of various professional associations.